My name is Laura, and I live in sunny Southern California with my husband of 10 years. I am a former preschool/kindergarten teacher, now a stay-at-home mom to 3 amazing kiddos - 6 year old twin girls and a 5 year old boy. I have dabbled in all sorts of crafts since I was a child... right now I love coloring and card making, but I also enjoy sewing and baking. 
My favorite way to color an image is with: Copics, Copics, Copics! I am a Copic Marker junkie!
My creative style: I am a fairly clean and simple card maker. I love to color, and like for the image to be the center of attention, so I do very little embellishing.
My craft area is: Super duper organized, possibly to an OCD level! Everything has its place, and is immediately returned to it's place after each use!
I do the majority of my crafting at: whenever the mojo hits! Usually in the morning while the kiddos are at school, or late at night after they are all in bed!
Do you have a stash of colored images: Yes, but only partially colored images! I will color skin and hair while watching TV at night with my hubby, and then fill in the rest of an image later when I choose papers.

My name is Jenn Zeeb, and yes I'm a paper crafts addict. I spend most of my free time creating wonderfully unique, handmade cards from my home office in Western Washington.

I have always played with paper. I started my professional journey by selling for Stampin' Up, but quickly became more enamored with buying supplies then selling them. I transitioned into scrapbooking where my paper hoarding truly began. It was a natural transition for me to move from scrapbooking to creating cards. I've created hundreds of cards and I love entering them into digital stamp competitions. I've even been known to win a time or two!

When I'm not busy in my office creating masterpieces, my life revolves around my husband and my four kids. Two of them are out of high school and working their way through a local college, one just began high school, and my youngest is still in elementary school. I am the PTO president of my youngest son's school. Aside from paper and family, my favorite things include Coca Cola, chocolate, romance novels, and Burn Notice. 
My favorite way to color an image is with: my Copic Marker.
My creative style:  I would say would be simple and not a lot of embellishments.
My craft area is: very organized, but when inspiration hits it gets pretty messy but always get cleaned up before starting something new.
The majority of my crafting gets done: in the evening after dinner.

Hi, my name is Paula Sievers. I am married, coming up 20 years, have two amazing boys, one with special needs and live in a small country town in Central Victoria, Australia. My husband and I run our own Civil Construction business, and when I get time off, I love to be creative in my girl zone. (Craft room).
My favorite way to color an image is with: I have recently discovered Copic Markers and use them for my card making, along with water colouring.
My creative style:  I haven't really worked out my style of card making as yet, I just go with how I feel at the time, although I seem to use buttons and ribbons a lot.
My craft area is: My craft area is organized and clean, (living with three boys in the house, I at least need my craft room to be organized), I have a bad habit of organizing more than creating at times.
The majority of my crafting gets done: Most of the time, I will create in the evenings when everyone has finished for the day, but sometimes I have been known to wake up early and whip up a little something.

The majority of my crafting gets done: Sometimes when i get stuck for ideas for cards, I will colour images. So I have a few on hand, ready for that birthday I forgot, or a thank you to a friend for being nice.

My name is Sharla and I am excited and honored to be a part of A Random Fan's design team, when asked to join the DT I seriously did a little happy dance as these are some of my favorite images to play with!!  I live in Southern Utah, work full-time and craft, color, scrap, read and watch movies in my after work hours.  I have been married to my husband for 3 years, I have two adult children and 3 adult step-daughters.  I love coloring with my copics, making cards, diy projects, Project Life, art journaling, and other scrappy projects.  I am a diet coke addict and love chocolate and ice-cream!   I hope to inspire and be inspired by all you lovely people out there!

Hi! My name is Heidi and I live in sunny Tucson, AZ.  I have 2 wonderful daughters and my youngest loves to craft along the side of me.  I got started into stamping by attending a Stampin' Up party with a friend about 18 years ago. I have a full time job. I work 40 hrs a week at a small construction company in the front office. So most my card making is crammed into my evenings before bed.  
My favorite way to color an image is with:  I use mainly copic markers to color my images.  I don't have them all but I am almost there.
My creative style:  My style seems to be cean and simple most the time but I do occasionaly use several embellishments.
My craft area is: I have my own craft room now that my oldest daughter is out of the house. It is untidy most the time which is unlike the rest of the house. 
Do you have a stash of colored images: No I don't have a stash of colored images. But I normally have a stash of made up cards. 

My name is Jackie, and I live in Northern Kentucky, bordering Ohio with my husband and one of my grandsons. I work full time outside the home and love my job!! Among crafting I love to read, and spend time with all of my beautiufl grand-children. We have 8, 6 boys - 23 yrs, 21 yrs, 15 yrs, 14 yrs, 10 yrs and 4 yrs, then finally along came our girls both 2 1/2 being 2 months apart from each one. Hunter our 14 yr old, keeps me active with being a grandma/mom as he plays sports and me being his taxi!
My favorite way to color an image is with: I use Copics, definitely my go to medium.
My creative style: It depends a lot on what type of image I’m coloring.I love bright colors and seem to have a passion for polka dots
My craft area is:  A total MESS. Really a MESS and it is my place to hide. It may looks like a tornado went through it. But again it's my Get Away and I usually can find what I am needing, may take a few extra minutes but I normally will find it. One day I will have the most organized craft area (but then I probally won't beable to find a thing).
I do the majority of my crafting at: Usually in the evening after coming in from work, my way of relaxing!
Do you have a stash of colored images: No, but a stack of images waiting to be colored :) I usually will color images to the design papers I will use on my designs.

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