Thursday, February 27, 2014

Faux Stitching Technique

As it is my turn Paula to be the Spotlight Designer this week, I have decided to share one of my favourite techniques called Faux Stitching. Although this is not a NEW technique, it is one that I fall back on a lot. If things get a little confusing, I have inserted the link to Splitcoast Stampers, where I first learnt this technique.

  • Paper piercing pad or mousepad

  • Paper piercing template or Plastic Ruler

  • Paper piercing tool or Darning Needle works just as well

  • Marker or gel pens

  • Cardstock

  • Step-by-Step

    Step 1

    Place cardstock piece on top of the paper piercing pad.

    Next, place the clear paper piercing template over the cardstock piece to be stitched.
    Use the paper piercing tool to poke holes in cardstock, using the piercing template or ruler as a guide.

    Step 2
    Use a marker or gel pen to connect the pierced holes in your cardstock. This will form stitch marks. Make sure to pause at each hole so the hole is highlighted with marker. This helps to form a more realistic stitched look.

    Here is a closer look at the Faux Stitching. It gives the look of sewing around the card, even though no sewing machine was used.


    1. I've always wondered how that worked. Thanks for sharing, your card is stunning, as always!!