Thursday, April 3, 2014

Design Team Spotlight - Laura

Hi everyone! Laura here today for my turn in the spotlight! :)

I have been asked many times to put together a tutorial of how I color hair with Copics. I have been hesitant to do it, because I don't have a way of doing videos. But, I have decided to give it a try as a photo tutorial... please be kind!

I will be coloring Baby on Board today. I always start by coloring the skin on my images first.

I will be using one of my favorite hair color combos: E59-E37-E35-E33-E31.
I color dark to light with my Copics.

Starting with my darkest shade (E59 in this case) I color where I imagine the shadows to be... darker against her ear and headband, and at the edges of her hair. I start at the outside line, and use a flicking motion away from the edge.

My next color is E37. I overlap my previous color, and use the same flicking motion, coloring away from the edge of the solid line.

Next is E35. I continue the same process, overlapping the previous color as I go.

Next is E33.You can see how I am bringing the colors together toward the center, but leaving lots of space for her hair to shine.

My last and lightest color is E31. I use very little of the lightest shade. My goal here is to soften the lines of my previous color, but just a tad!

Last, I go back in with some of my darker colors, (in this case I used E35) to add some definition to the strands of hair. Just light flicking motions right on top of what I've already colored...

And that's how I do it! :)
I am saving this cutie for a future project, so that's all I have for you this time!

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!
Thanks so much for visiting today!

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  1. A fabulous tutorial Laura... thank you for sharing!

    Christine X